Relocate to Carolina Colours Residential Community

Relocation to another home, community or region can be overwhelming. The questions to ask and decisions to make are many:

  • How’s the weather?
  • Where’s the water?
  • What’s it like to live in the town?
  • How close is excellent medical care?
  • Will we be able to easily visit family and friends elsewhere?
  • Can we continue our religious, educational, cultural and volunteer lives?
  • How will we spend our days?
  • Where will we dine and shop?
  • Will we be bored in the community?
  • What about social and recreational activities?
  • Do all neighborhoods look and live alike?
  • Are all home sites similar?
  • What types of homes are available?
  • Are there properties we can afford?
  • How will we know when we find it?

Check out the Relocation Checklist to find the questions that most visitors ask, and the Carolina Colours answers to those questions.

Superb Location

Nestled in the charming and quaint New Bern, NC, this community provides a warm and relaxing retreat amidst nearby golf, shopping, parks and lakes.

Where to Find Us

Our Properties

With forest, creek, golf, pond, lake and open settings, our homes ($220,000-$600,000) and home sites ($42,000-$125,000) can fit most budget and lifestyle preferences.

Property Info

1st Class Amenities

Whether it is great golf on the course rated by the impartial NC Golf Panel as the best accessible course in the central coastal area, pickle ball, tennis or swimming, Carolina Colours has it.

Lifestyle Amenities