WOW! How bout those Carolina Colours residents!

To All Caroline Colours Residents:

Allison & Chris Long and their 2 small children have just arrived at their new rental house on Reunion Pointe Lane, next to the Farkas’. They have a rental truck that needs unloaded today (Sunday) starting at 4:30pm. If any of you are able to please come and help out, we should be able to get the job done shortly. Let’s show our new neighbors how welcome they are by lending them a hand.

Thanks–Gary Simon

John & I were at the movies when this request came out, but we stopped by when we were on our way back about 6:30. Chris and Allison said they were shocked and pleased at how wonderful the neighbors had made them feel. They said they must have had 13 people come by.

Linda Gonzales

Our new Carolina Colours neighbors Allison & Chris Long would like to express their sincere thanks to all of the folks who showed up to help unload the moving van. They were completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of friendship & neighborliness. As they settle into their new home on Reunion Pointe Lane, they hope to meet all of the people who make up this wonderful community.

Gary Simon

What a community we live in!!  It was amazing how many people just kept coming to provide  help for Chris and Allison.  We are just part timers, but we are thrilled with how many friends we have made in such a short time and we have assured our new neighbors that they can expect the same.

Thanks for confirming our opinion of the Carolina Colours family!

Maria and Peter

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