Golfing Carolina Colours 5th Hole

August 17, 2009

As the player crosses Waterscape Way on the way to the 5th tee, the first man made water hazard comes immediately into view. This lake extends across the fairway in front of all tees other than the Red, making for… Read More

Golf Course Construction Update 8/9/09

August 6, 2009

Weather has continued to be unkind the past two weeks.  Two ferocious thunderstorms this past week both stopped work for most of the week, and caused wash outs that must be repaired this coming week.  It now appears unlikely that… Read More

Golfing Carolina Colours’ 4th Hole

August 5, 2009

Walking to the slightly elevated tee of the 4th hole, the player sees that the golf course begins its front nine loop back to the clubhouse.  The first three holes are oriented to the southeast, while the 4th turns northward,… Read More

Golfing Carolina Colours’ 3rd Hole

July 31, 2009

Upon leaving hole #2, the player first crosses a wooded, wetland tributary of Brice Creek. Briefly, as one drives or walks across a winding bridge over water and through the woods, there is no sign of civilization. Emerging from this… Read More

Golf Advisory Committee Appointed

July 29, 2009

A golf advisory committee for the Carolina Colours Golf Club has been formed. The purpose of the committee is to act as the primary liaison among the course developer and the club management on the one hand, and the club… Read More

Golfing Carolina Colours’ 2nd Hole

July 27, 2009

Standing on the tee of the 2nd hole of the Carolina Colours golf course, the green of this “little” hole is surrounded by trees right, left and rear.   The golf hole naturally drains towards a wetland in the woods behind… Read More

Golfing Carolina Colours’ 1st Hole

July 24, 2009

Standing on the slightly elevated tee complex for the 1st hole on the Carolina Colours Golf Course,  the player gets an initial impression that begins to convey what the golf experience at Carolina Colours is meant to be.   The fairway… Read More

Golf Course Construction Update 7/17/09

July 17, 2009

Weather in New Bern NC this week was less cooperative than during the previous week, so construction progress on the Carolina Colours Golf Course lagged behind schedule.  Hole 7 was sprigged, and hole 8 has seen its bunker… Read More

Carolina Colours Golf Course Construction Update 7/10/09

July 10, 2009

Carolina Colours NC was blessed with good weather this week, so great progress was made on golf course construction.   By today’s end, all features (slopes around tees, greens, bunkers and drains) will be substantially sodded, and fairways and tees will… Read More