Coastal Carolina Regional Airport in the News!

Business View Magazine recently was at our very own Coastal Carolina Regional Airport with an interview with Andy Shorter, the Coastal Carolina Regional Airport Director, to talk about the past, present, and future of our airport here in New Bern, NC.

With a new restaurant already have been installed in the last year, capital improvements outside the terminal are in sight also.  Here is a clip from the article:

“Future plans also include extending one runway even further to handle the larger planes being used by regional carriers and refurbishing the smaller, crosswind runway that’s heavily used by the flight school. Installing approach lighting and Runway Visual Range instrumentation systems, refurbishing the air traffic control tower, and building an Airport Rescue and Firefighting facility are also on tap. “Right now, our aircraft rescue-firefighting facilities are distributed and barely adequate” notes Shorter. “We’re going to build one facility, so we can keep it all in one place and increase our efficiency on that front.”

To read the full article;

Coastal Carolina Regional Airport – A topnotch facility