Golfing Carolina Colours’ 14th Hole

Leaving the 13th green, the tee of the 14th hole is visible through a narrow strip of woods, to the player’s right. Only approaching the tee, however, does one see the hole; what one sees is a large pond down the left side of this short par 4, and a green that sits against the bulkhead, a pretty site for the non-golfer, but quite a challenge for the golfer that wants to hit at the green. Don’t even think about it, unless you have tour length.

Instead, hit anything from a long iron to a driver between the pocket bunker on the left, and the larger, narrow, S shaped bunker on the right. The fairway is one of the flattest on the course, so direction is the key, not distance. From a good, straight drive, one is left only with a short iron or wedge to the green, which sits to the left, and is guarded from this direction by a rather steep bunker about 10 yards to the front of the green; this bunker must be carried, and a bunker on the back (from the tee) or the right (from the layup) should be avoided. Of course, anything left is wet.

The green is rather small, slopes back to front, and has a bit of a ridge down the middle (from right to left, approaching from the lay up landing area). Putts are not severe, and two putts should be the norm, with one putt frequency exceeding those rare three putts.

Two good swings, and this becomes a birdie opportunity. If you are young and limber, and think you can hit it a mile, eagle can be had, but most that try it will be contributing to the pond bottom filled with balls. Play conservatively, and this pretty hole can help the player keep a low 18 hole score in range.

Black: 281   Blue: 274   White: 264   Gold: 253    Red: 201