Golfing Carolina Colours’ 15th Hole

The 15th hole at Carolina Colours Golf Club is a relatively long par 4, with a dogleg to the right. From the tee, the turn in the fairway is quite visible, but the green is not, thanks to the woods all along the right side of the fairway. The hole is bounded on the right by the wooded wetlands surrounding Brice Creek, an area to be avoided on both the drive and the approach shot to the green.

The prudent shot from the tee is to the left side of the fairway, rather than trying to cut the corner of the dogleg, due to the length of the hole. This placement allows for a clear shot to the green from a shorter drive than is required from the right side. A good drive reaches a slightly elevated landing area, flying over some gentle rolls within the fairway, and allows for a slightly downhill second shot to the green. Many will be hitting a fairway wood toward this massive green, the largest on the course.

The green itself is some 50 paces deep and 35 paces wide. It is bisected by a hump that runs from its highest point in the right center of the green, to its lowest point in the left center. In effect, the green thus has two plateaus, one on the back of the green, the other the front. As with most greens at Carolina Colours, the green surrounds fall away on both sides and the rear, while a chip from just short of the green is not a difficult shot.

When finishing the hole, the player will note that 15 is the only bunkerless hole on the golf course. The length of the hole, and size of the green, make the hole plenty challenging without sand. Pin position will impact the holes length greatly, as location will impact club selection by as many as 4 clubs. Par is a good score here, but keep the ball out of the woods and avoid the three putt, and bogey should rarely be exceeded.

Black: 436     Blue: 427     White: 402    Gold: 386     Red: 319