Golfing Carolina Colours 9th Hole

As the player walks up from the cart path to the 9th tee, the first impression is again one of how extensive the tee complex is. Extending an almost continuous run of about 100 yards from the back of the championship tee to the front of the gold tee, and some 30 yards across, the variety of lengths and angles is exceptional.

Once on the tee of one of only two holes on the course that run generally southwest, the view is one of the prettiest on the course. Sitting in the distance, just behind the green of this par 5, is the Pavilion, our clubhouse, with a beer or soft drink awaiting. There is not a home in sight along the tree lined fairway, and one can catch glimpses of Carolina Lake through the trees to the right. Gently rolling mounds frame the left side of the fairway, while a large bunker highlights its right side, beside the prime landing area, as the fairway gently slopes from left to right.

From the landing area, the highest area of the fairway, the player sees for the first time the water that runs down the left last one third of the fairway, meandering around the left and rear of the green, and protruding in front of the left side of the green. Three relatively small bunkers form a line extending from the right side of the green some 50 yards. For all but the bravest, the second shot will be at those bunkers, not at the green, in order to keep well clear of the water. This layup will leave a shot of 50 to 125 yards into the green. If the player elects a second shot into the green, distance and precision will be required, with the classic risk/reward awaiting. Any ball to the left of the green or long will end up wet, short left as well, and just right is in the bunker complex.

The green is quite large, with its highest point being the back right, and the lowest point its front left, with a general back to front and right to left tilt. Without a precise approach, a long putt awaits.

This beautiful hole presents a real opportunity to finish the front nine on a positive note. A good short iron player approaching from the right side of the fairway will have an inviting target, and should have a birdie putt. Get ambitious or jittery, however, and trouble awaits. 9 will be a lot of fun for golfers of all levels, but muttered curses may be directed to the superintendent that places the flag on the left side of the green.

Black: 550 Blue: 523 White: 509 Gold: 481 Red: 404

Kenneth M Kirkman, Carolina Colours Developer