MERCI on Middle meal

MERCI Clinic wishes to thank all of you that supported us for MERCI on Middle last month. Between ticket sales and sponsors we raised $110,000. Besides this being such a success for our fund raising it offered us a wonderful, relaxed evening of fellowship following Hurricane Flo’s wrath upon us. It was great seeing such wonderful support from Carolina Colours.

With additional funding during the past year we have been able to accept more patients, open our dental clinic, and begin offering physical therapy and nutritional education.

MERCI provides free comprehensive primary care, medications and much more to those with low income who are uninsured living in Craven, Jones and Pamlico Counties. Many of you volunteer with various nonprofit groups in our community and we would like you to encourage those you see in need of medical care to call us. They can visit our clinic on Tues & Thurs between 8:30am- 1:30pm. They will need to bring the following information with them: proof of household income; proof of no health insurance (Medicaid Denial); valid picture ID with current address, and proof of residency for either of the 3 counties listed above. The healthier our residents are, the more successful our communities will be for all of us.