Name that Bear – November 11th Deadline

Our Bear Project is coming to a close – our artist (Molly Knazek) informs us she will soon be finished with our Bear!  He will then have to go to be clear coated and finally put on the delivery list by the City of New Bern.  His permanent home is front of the Pavilion. This leaves the community with one more decision to make – he needs a name.

All names submitted by the Carolina Colours residents were submitted to the Bear Town Bears Organization. These are the two names approved for you to vote on:

1.  Bearon de Colours
2.  Colourful Bearer

Please cast one vote per resident directly to: by November 11th.

Also meet the artist at the Pavilion and see how our Bear was built at the upcoming Property Owners Appreciation Day on November 14th from 4-6 p.m.

Thank you again for your show of support.  Our Bear will soon be home!!!

Marilyn Biers
and Committee