New Bern’s Bear Town Bears

As New Bern prepares for its 300th anniversary in 2010, New Bern artists are busy hand-painting life-size fiberglass bears for public display during the year-long celebration.  Founded by the Swiss in 1710, the bear has become a historic symbol for the town of New Bern.  This public art project was organized and is managed by Bear Town Bears, a local volunteer non-profit organization.

Upon birth in the 223 Middle Street artist studio, the bears will find new homes throughout New Bern and the surrounding areas.  Carolina Colours hopes to become “home” to a new bear in the near future.  Many generous Carolina Colours residents have almost raised the $2800 necessary to adopt a bear.  The bear will find its new home at the Carolina Colours Social Pavilion.  The bear, currently in its design phase, will be painted by local artists, covered with a protective coat to withstand inclement weather, and bolted to a special pedestal making it as tamper resistant as possible.  The community is anxiously anticipating its arrival in November.

If you have not already done so, there is still time to donate to this New Bern and Carolina Colours community-wide effort.  Marilyn Biers stepped up to the bear plate, initiated this effort and continues to collect funding from Carolina Colours residents.  Please consider mailing Marilyn your contribution to the following address

Marilyn Biers, 3805 Leaf Court, New Bern NC  28562  Phone 636-795-3565