Pickleball Tournament


On Saturday, October 26th the weather was perfect for our Fall Challenge Pickleball Tourna- ment. There were 20 people who signed up to participate. We wanted to make the tournament fun, so the format was a 20 person round robin. Each player was paired with a different partner for 6 games. Each game was timed at 8 minutes. Whatever the score was after 8 minutes those points were recorded for the individuals on a score sheet. After everyone played 6 games, we tallied the scores and the 4 individuals with the most points played in a 3 game playoff. The finals were exciting to watch!

Congratulations to the winners…Jody Glover (1st place), Randy Bogle (2nd place), Jurg Hunziker (3rd place) and Randy Schmidt (4th place). After the tournament, Joel and Deb Birenbaum hosted a BBQ lunch for everyone and we all enjoyed their pool and hot

** We look forward to planning our next tournament in May 2020.
Interested in learning more about the game of Pickleball or would you like to come try it out?

~Please email Annmarie PenvoseĀ at apenvose1@gmail.com or Rick Meyers at rammeyers1@aol.com for more information.