The Story of BBQ in North Carolina!

In North Carolina, we love our tasty, regional, home-grown barbecue. From the earliest history of cooking meats over flames and coals to modern methods, North Carolina has a proud barbecue tradition, featured at family and community gatherings across the state. Whether at a backyard grill, a community event, or a traditional wood fire pit at a local restaurant, delicious barbecue can be found in every North Carolina county and in every corner of our history.

The Story of BBQ in North Carolina explores how growing and cultivating hogs emerged in North Carolina. The exhibit also fuels the east versus west debate about sauces and condiments, even as explains that the eastern vinegar base and the western tomato ketchup enhanced versions really are not that different. Visitors will leave hungry so be sure to have a list of local BBQ joints on hand!

Accompanying educational materials will include play kitchens for the youngest visitors and will explore healthy eating options.

The “The Story of BBQ in N.C.” Exhibit will be open to the public January 19, 2019 to March 2019 in the North Carolina History Center.