Carolina Colours Community Builders

75% of the homes which have been built in Carolina Colours have been custom homes, with the other 25% being constructed and then offered for sale by the builder. All have been built by licensed contractors who have been admitted to the Carolina Colours Builder Program, a prerequisite to building in the community. Among other requirements, each admitted builder must:

  • Hold and maintain an unlimited contractor’s license issued by the State of NC
  • Demonstrate the financial capabilities to meet its obligations
  • Have a strong credit rating
  • Have a history of quality building
  • Maintain a high rating with its Carolina Colours customers
  • Adhere to all program standards, including site cleanliness standards and approved work hours

All approved builders are familiar with the Protective Covenants and design guidelines for each neighborhood within Carolina Colours, including minimum size requirements, impervious surface limitations as imposed by the State, and allowed materials. All plans must be approved by the Improvement Review Committee of the Carolina Colours Association, Inc., the master association of property owners within Carolina Colours, and all approved builders are required to be familiar with the standards that govern review and approval of both home and landscape plans.

Our Featured Builders have a portfolio of plans that many home site owners select from, often with modifications to address particular owner needs. Our Featured Builders also will cause to be drawn custom plans to meet the traditional home, coastal living and budgetary objectives of each client. While prices vary greatly depending on builder, needed site work, size, and desired detail, most construction on a customer owned lot in Carolina Colours costs between $105 and $150 dollars per heated square foot.

Featured Community Builders

Our list of Featured Builders currently includes the following (subject to change):

Superb Location

Nestled in the charming and quaint New Bern, NC, this community provides a warm and relaxing retreat amidst nearby golf, shopping, parks and lakes.

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With forest, creek, golf, pond, lake and open settings, our homes ($220,000-$600,000) and home sites ($42,000-$125,000) can fit most budget and lifestyle preferences.

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1st Class Amenities

Whether it is great golf on the course rated by the impartial NC Golf Panel as the best accessible course in the central coastal area, pickle ball, tennis or swimming, Carolina Colours has it.

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