pictured above front row (left to right): Suzanne Vincent, Joyce Costello, and Sandra Cleaves; back row (left to right): Bruce Birnbaum, Ken Kirkman, Kip Peragoy, and Larry Beck


Carolina Colours is fortunate to have an experienced and personable team that enhances the livability of Carolina Colours. Some of those special people include the following:

Sales Team

Joyce Costello, Bruce Birnbaum and Larry Beck have all been a part of Carolina Colours since its inception. Experienced, knowledgeable and easy to work with, they provide a low key and informative source of information for prospects and residents alike.


Suzanne Vincent supervises the administrative/sales office, assists the sales staff and is the prime resource for providing information and assistance to property owners. Known, liked and respected by all residents, she also has been with Carolina Colours since its inception.


Sandra Spinger is yet another veteran, having handled developer and community finances since the inception of the development. She knows all there is to know about property owner associations and golf operations and is always willing to pitch in and help wherever assistance is needed.


Ken Kirkman and Kip Peregoy are on site. Kirkman is in charge of the development and lives in the community. In his capacity as a real estate attorney, he structured the community as its developer and continues involvement in all aspects of its operations. Peregoy, a former Weyerhaeuser project manager, manages the infrastructure construction and maintenance as well as the review process for homes being submitted for construction approval. Both are available to prospects and residents on a daily basis.


Ken Gerhardt is the general manager for both the master property owner association as well as the golf operation. A tireless worker, he has been with Carolina Colours since the construction of the Pavilion, our community clubhouse. With many years of experience running hospitality operations throughout the country, he knows both what owners want and what logistics are required to make all the facilities and activities work smoothly.


Chef Katherine Sims is called indispensable by many residents. Whether it is sandwiches in the snack bar, Friday night dinners for the members, lavish meals for the holidays or special-order catering for the residents entertaining in home, she is there with great food and a big smile. There is a reason even those that don’t live in Carolina Colours come to visit and eat.