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Purchasing real estate, particularly in a planned community, can be a complicated and frustrating experience.  While any licensed real estate agent can show homes or home sites, only an experienced agent with a thorough knowledge of the workings of a community can make certain that you, as a buyer, are fully informed as to your rights, opportunities and responsibilities within Carolina Colours.  What amenities are you entitled to use?  What social activities are available to you?  What are the parameters of available internet?  What construction is upcoming in the next year?  How familiar is the agent with the Protective Covenants that set out the critical rules and regulations regarding construction and assessments?  What options are available for golf?

Few if any agents outside of those engaged in selling Carolina Colours exclusively can answer these questions, and many more. Our agents also have direct access on a daily basis to our developer team, including a real estate attorney, so that any questions you or they may have can be immediately answered. And with more than a decade of experience in selling Carolina Colours, each agent has a thorough understanding of the entire process, including the purchase contract terms, the various sets of covenants, the lenders and inspectors that do business in the neighborhood, and much more.

To learn what home or home site best meets your desires and your budget, whether new inventory or resale, a Carolina Colours Realty agent is an unmatched source of information and guidance to help you learn all there is to know about Carolina Colours. Our neighborhood is a great place to live, but no one likes surprises after signing a contract. Make sure you have the full and accurate story by calling a Carolina Colours Realty agent.

Superb Location

Nestled in the charming and quaint New Bern, NC, this community provides a warm and relaxing retreat amidst nearby golf, shopping, parks and lakes.

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With forest, creek, golf, pond, lake and open settings, our homes ($220,000-$600,000) and home sites ($42,000-$125,000) can fit most budget and lifestyle preferences.

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1st Class Amenities

Whether it is great golf on the course rated by the impartial NC Golf Panel as the best accessible course in the central coastal area, pickle ball, tennis or swimming, Carolina Colours has it.

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