Harris Teeter Is On Schedule

Harris Teeter March 2016Construction of the Harris Teeter and other shops is on schedule.  The target opening date is still October 1 of this year.  Lease prices have now been set, and conversations are beginning with prospective tenants for the leasable space in the Center.    Harris Teeter 2 March 2016



2015 Golf Club Championship

The 2015 Carolina Colours Golf Club championship was held October 17 and 18 under sunny skies, with perfect playing conditions.  The winners are:

MEN: Charles Kassay, Danny Gaston second and Steve Hoffman third.

WOMEN: Denise Plourde, with Pam Walter runner-up.

MEN’S SENIORS: Dave Gaulin, with Ed Czernik second.


MEN’S NET: Phil Carpenter, Gale Biers second, Jack Pyburn third

WOMEN’S NET: Patty Gaulin

And as always, Chef Katherine fixed a sumptuous lunceon to accompany the awards ceremony!  Congratulations to all the winners and the participants.

Member/Guest Weekend

The annual Carolina Colours Member Guest golf event was held September 26 and 27.  Despite the lack of cooperation from mother nature, and thanks to a superb effort by Josh Purvis and his ground crew, the players were glad the event was not postponed.   As always, the food, prepared by our own Chef Katherine, was  outstanding.  And the winners are:

WOMEN: Denise Plourde and Sharon Overholt, Overall and 1st flight winners; Alvina Diello and Pat Phillips were 2nd in the 1st flight; Sandy Berberich and Jessica Hammel were tops in the 2nd flight, followed by Claudia Moran and Lynn Peck-Collins.

MEN: Dan Conley and James Conley were the overall and first flight champs.  The other flight winners were Mike Wilkerson/Mike Fincham; Ken Kirkman/Travis Credle;  and Al Blowers/Jim Carson.  Second place finishers, in order of flight, were Greg Reinecke/Scott Tyson; Marc and Sean LaFrance; Bill Jarvis /Dan Beasley; and Mike Maher/Larry Nelson.

Everyone is looking forward to returning to Carolina Colours next year, when the sun will be shining!



Ideal Living Expo

DC Show Sept. 2015Ken Kirkman, Carolina Colours founder, attended the fall Real Estate Expo put on by Ideal Living September 12 and 13, accompanied by Bruce Birnbaum from the company sales staff.  Held in Tysons Corner, Virginia, it was attended by about 750 prospective retirees, many of whom visited the Carolina Colours booth.  It is always fun to interact with prospective residents, and to learn what they are thinking. Well over 100 requested that more information be sent to them, keeping our team busy.  The first appointments for visits are already being made.

Good News on New Bern Electric

Carolina Colours benefits from the very reliable electric service provided by the City of New Bern.  Very rarely have we lost power for any extended length of time.  Therefore, we are not surprised that New Bern has been awarded with the RP3 designation, which is a designation of Reliable Public Power Provider, by the American Public Power Association.  New Bern is one of only 191 of the nation’s more than 2,000 public power utilities to earn this recognition.  It is based on a study of reliability, safety, work force development and system improvement.

In addition, New Bern has recently announced an approximate 14% REDUCTION in its electric utility rates.  New Bern, like some 25 other eastern North Carolina cities, was able to reduce its utility debt and pass the savings through to its customers because of a transaction with Duke Energy.  New Bern’s rates now are competitive, while its service remains exemplary.  We that live in Carolina Colours are fortunate to have this key utility component available to us.

Road Closure Information For Carolina Colours

Waterscape Way, at the site of the Harris Teeter (between the sales office and the traffic circle) will be closed Monday through Friday, the week of July 13, for utility construction.  The detour route is Thurman Road straight back (don’t take the curve towards the traffic circle) to Old Airport road, then left to Landscape Drive, where one takes a left which takes one back to the traffic circle.

Traffic updates will be posted on this site.

Detour Map

Carolina Colours Commercial Activity

We are pleased to announce that construction has begun on the Carolina Colours commercial site, developed by a David Swain owned entity.  Swain is one of the most experienced and credible commercial developers in eastern North Carolina, with his office located in Wilmington.

The commercial center will be anchored by a Harris Teeter grocery, a 48,903 SF facility, designed for future expansion.  Swain will construct initially an additional 19,200 SF of space for tenant occupancy.

The current schedule anticipates site and utility work completion (including parking lots and subsurface building supports) late this year, with the grocery being up and ready for occupancy before Thanksgiving 2016.  It is anticipated that at least half of the leased space will also have tenants by that time.

Please check back to this site for periodic updates on progress with construction, and for the commitments of other tenants.

Construction Activity

For those Carolina Colours residents  and visitors wondering about the construction activity you can see near Waterscape Way, just down from the Harris Teeter site, it is utility work.  The lane where the activity is ongoing is the access to a regional sewer pump station.   In order to provide sewer service to the commercial site that includes Harris Teeter, it must be collected and delivered to that lift station, which pumps the effluent towards the treatment plant.   Since it flows from the commercial site to the pump station by gravity, the line must continually slope downward.  Therefore, it is 16 feet deep when it reaches the pump station, and will be about 13 feet deep when it crosses Waterscape Way.  This is a major job, and will be ongoing for many weeks.

This will impact traffic on Waterscape Way for a few days a bit later.  We will endeavor to give advance warning when traffic must be detoured.
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