Carolina Colours Golf Course Design Overview

Designed by Bill Love, past President of the American Society of Golf Course Architects and Chairman of its Environmental Committee, “The Carolina Colours golf course will responsibly preserve the intimate relationship between course, land, waterways and wildlife habitats. Every golf course has a spirit of its own driven by the beauty of the land, the camaraderie of playing and the playability of everyone who steps out on it to play.”

William R Love, Golf Course Architect

During the early planning stages for the Carolina Colours Golf Course, the development team established several criteria for its golf course, all intended to make the golfing experience exceptional, and to enhance the value of its residential real estate.  These criteria included making the course aesthetically pleasing, enjoyable to play repeatedly, and challenging but fair to golfers of all ages and abilities.  Finally, these objectives had to be acheived by taking our exceptional land, and enhancing it, rather than creating something artificial on top of it.

To make the course attractive to the eye, our architect, Bill Love, designed the course to roll with the natural terrain, instead of creating mounds and other unnatural landscapes.  Not only are homes well buffered from the course, most holes were sited where homes are only  situated on, at most, one side of the fairway, while greens are frequently nestled among trees.  Brice Creek, natural wetlands and ponds are incorporated into the flow of the course, while winding bridges linking the uplands provide spectatular views of the natural areas throughout the nearly 250 acres of the course.  Finally, extensive bunkering has been carefully placed to accent the key course features, and to provide visual landmarks that frame the playing surfaces.

The playing objectives are acheived, in part, by one of the most extensive system of tees found in the coastal plain of the Carolinas.  Most holes feature 5 separate teeing areas, many of which are L shaped, allowing 30 yards or more of north/south and east/west variation from several different tees.  The result is that the course can play from 7000 yards to 5400 yards, and a particular tee can be situated to vary yardage by 300 or more yards day to day.    Combined with the diverse driving angles available from the width of the tees, the course will present a different challenge day to day.

In order to be sure that the course is fair and fun to play notwithstanding water, natural areas, changing elevations and extensive bunkering, wide and inviting bermudagrass fairways are being established, which complement good sized bent grass greens.  Our team knows that golfers don’t want to spend half their round hunting golf balls.  At Carolina Colours Golf Club, we expect your time will be spent hitting the ball, not searching for it.   Most players will not be putting for birdie on every hole, but if you select the proper tee for your game, your experience should be a pleasant one, and one that allows you to use all facets of a well rounded game.

Our Carolina Colours property owners are now daily walking the course, as grassing is taking place, and their feedback has been quite enthusiastic.   All are convinced that the Carolina Colours Golf Course will be not only the best in New Bern, NC, but in the entire region.

Kenneth M Kirkman, Carolina Colours Developer