Carolina Colours Golf Course Construction Update 7/13/09

I have just finished two days of golf course construction inspections with Bill Love, our golf course architect. One of the reasons we enjoy working with Bill is he personally inspects all field work on the golf courses he designs.  Goals for Bill’s most recent visit included:

  1. Field location of the fairway/out-of-play transition line which separates the fairway’s Bermuda grass from the out-of-play native grass.  The use of native grasses in out of play areas will create a variety of textures and colors against the manicured fairway grass.  Locating the transition lines requires visual talent along with an understanding of play options for each hole.  We flagged the transition line for golf holes 5,6,7,8 and 9.  Transition line flagging must be completed before grass planting can begin.
  2. Field location of bunker sand fill lines. The same level of field detailing goes into locating the sand lines in the bunkers.  The quality of each bunker is critical as you prepare to hit your shot to the areas impacted by the bunkers’ locations as well as when you are next to the bunker, or even in the bunker.  This task involves painting a sand line in the bunker with orange spay paint, going to the most probable golf shot location to assess the sand line, going back to the bunker to adjust the sand line accordingly, then back again to the shot location to re-assess…  This process goes on until Bill feels completely comfortable with each bunker’s sand line.  Obviously, Bill is a perfectionist when it comes to the golf courses he designs.
  3. Contour approvals of our two practice putting greens.  The putting greens look great and met with Bill’s approval.  Both practice greens will be great assets for course play preparation.

Needless to say, long hours were invested in the field with Bill.  But all goals were accomplished.  Bill will return the week of July 20th.  We are in the critical stages of grassing holes 1-9, fine tuning bunkers for holes 1-9 and final shaping holes 10-18.

Check in with us in a week or so for our update of Bill’s most next visit.

Kip Peregoy, Community and Golf Course Project Manager