Thoughts on Community and Home Choices during Tough Economic Times

It is true that real estate prices (in New Bern NC and virtually everywhere else) have dropped during the ongoing economic slump, providing value opportunities unlike any that have been available for many years.  An unfortunate side effect of this trend is that many potential buyers, including retirees, are now looking purely for the property with the most attractive price, rather than the property that will best suit their needs or desires.   A housing decision (both where it is and what it is) should be one that is intended to last at least a decade, and the decision that is made will contribute greatly (positively or negatively) to quality of life over that period of time.  My best advice is to decide on a location and a home or home site that is what is wanted, then go get the best value you can get from among those properties that qualify.  Paying a little more (but still a good value) will often allow purchase of real estate that will bring to the buyer  much greater long term satisfaction, and often will also result in a property with a greater resale value when the years pass, and it is time to resell.  After all, there is a reason the cheapest properties are the cheapest, and that reason frequently is a lack of demand over time.

Kenneth M. Kirkman

Developer, Carolina Colours