Carolina Colours Residents “Pick a Pig”

For those of you who have yet to experience a true North Carolinian version of the pig pick’n, you are in for a rare treat.  On a surprisingly cool July 11th Saturday evening, some seventy-two Carolina Colours residents gathered for a neighborhood pig pick’n .  The chosen gathering site was the Henna Place cul de sac, framed by golf course fairways #1 and #11.  Many thanks to Jerry Trenholm and Mary Ann Ohsol, organizers of this fun event.  Many thanks to the Zimmermans, Moloney’s and Gonzales for hosting this southern culinary event.  Wonderful desserts were also served by many neighbors after their “pig was picked”.

Just goes to show, the heart of Carolina Colours beats strongly within its very special residents and their many efforts to enjoy and support each other and their community.

Bruce Birnbaum, Carolina Resident & Sales Representative
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