Carolina Colours Social Pavilion Hosts Habitat for Humanity Meeting

Habitat for Humanity is widely recognized as one of the most exemplary non-profit service organizations in the world.  The Carolina Colours Social Pavilion is pleased to host the planning/information session for the two Habitat Homes planned for construction in New Bern, NC.

With the help of “The Habitat Road Trip Crazies,” Habitat will construct two houses in two days in the New Bern area.  The Crazies are lead by Tom Gerdy, a building contractor from Virginia, who has been leading these Blitz Builds for the past seven years.  According to Gerdy, “They didn’t nickname us the Crazies without reason.  This is a group of very unusual people with hugh hearts and their priorites in order.  We usually have between 50 and 70 travelers for each build.  We hope to inspire at least 150 local people each day to come out and play with us.  There is big time excitement surrounding a Habitat Blitz that always seems to bring out a big crowd of helpers.”

The planning session will be held on Wednesday July 22nd at 5:30 pm in the Carolina Colours Social Pavilion located at 3300 Waterscape Way, New Bern, NC.  New Bern and Craven County residents interested in learning more and helping with the project are encouraged to attend.