Feathered Carolina Colours Friends

Carolina Colours’ Canine Friends were introduced in a recent blog post.  Today, we introduce several of Carolina Colours’ Feathered Friends:

Zack is a five year old male Congo African Grey Parrot.   African Greys have light grey feathers and a red tail.   These parrots have a life expectacy of 50-70 years. They are one of the most intelligent parrots as determined by Dr. Irene Pepperberg’s research with African Greys.   The most famous of Dr. Pepperberg’s research was “Alex” who lived for about 30 years.   She proved these birds could associate human words with meaning, apply the abstract concepts of shape, color, number, zero-sense, etc.   African Grey’s love electronic sounds such beeps, ringing phones and games, and pick these up quite easily.   Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it is Zack making the noise or the electronic device he is imitating.   He knows when we are leaving the house and says “Bye” over and over again as we walk through the house to leave. How he can tell the difference between us walking through and leaving must be that he sees my purse or my keys. When the phone rings he never fails to say “hello” in my voice.   When we call the dog, Zack will assist and whistle for him.  Zack also says “what” with an attitude.   Zack enjoys his various playtimes throughout the day while outside of his cage.

Moses is a 7 year old Senegal Parrot.   He is green with a dark grey head and has an orange chest that looks like he is wearing an orange vest.   Senegals can live 25-30 years in captivity.  Moses doesn’t speak as well as Zack, but says “Baby” and “Pretty.”  He also enjoys his playtimes throughout the day.

Sharon, Michael, Zack and Moses Wilkerson reside in a Cobblestone Carriage Home in Carolina Colours.