Golfing Carolina Colours’ 11th Hole

The view from the tee of the 11th hole is one of the prettiest on the golf course. A longish par 5, the tree lined fairway moves straight, then right, then back left, with a series of deep dips and rises all the way from tee to green. From the tee, which seems elevated because of the deep swale in front of it, one can just get a glimpse of the green side bunkers far off, seemingly positioned in the woods. However, the immediate issue is the tee ball, and there is a large bunker on the far side of the left fairway that gives a perfect visual target, while the right side of the fairway, beside the ideal landing area, is guarded by two bunkers. A good drive puts you over the large swale in front of the tee, near the highest point on the fairway.

Even a good tee shot will leave most players no view of the green, as it can only be seen from the right side of the fairway, just beside the second fairway bunker, because the fairway turns right, but the green is tucked back into the woods to the left. The prudent second shot is straight down the fairway, over another series of swales, onto a plateau that leaves the third shot as a mid to short iron, into a green that is lower than the elevation of the the second shot landing area.

The green is large, one of the biggest on the course, and it is guarded not only by a deep collection area in front, but also by a large front left bunker, and two more back right. The green itself is some 45 paces deep, and as much as 26 paces wide in the front, narrowing a bit towards the back. Sloping generally back to front and left to right, there are no severe breaks, but neither are there many totally flat putts awaiting. A good iron should hold well, leaving a reasonable putt.

Unlike the two par 5’s on the front, where long hitters will be faced with a risk/reward decision from a big drive, this is a three shot hole for players not named Tiger or Phil, as a tall pine on the left of the fairway makes trying to hook a ball around the bend not worth trying. Two well struck balls will allow for the precise iron player to have a putt for birdie, and that is all one should strive for on this hole that some have labeled the best and most attractive on the course. The player will leave this hole wondering if somehow he has been transported away from the flat coastal plain of North Carolina, and into the foothills instead.

Black: 554    Blue: 534    White: 520    Gold: 505    Red: 426