Golfing Carolina Colours’ 12th Hole

Short, simple and pretty, this 3 par presents no challenge that is not clearly visible from the tee complex. As on many of the Carolina Colours’ golf holes, each tee box is higher than the one in front of it, to where the black tee is highest, although all tee boxes are above green elevation. The deep swale just in front of the tees makes the differential seem greater than really exists, however.

From the tee, the green, which is tucked into the surrounding woods, is clearly visible, as is the large bunker to its right. To the left and to the rear, there is a significant and quick fall, which will result in balls a bit long or left bounding well away from the green, likely into the woods, if the green is carried. If one misses, short is the place to be.

The green itself is the smallest on the course, and generally falls back to front and slightly right to left. However, the back third is fairly level, with the primary fall beginning at the edge of this plateau. Again on this green, few putts will be flat, but most slopes are not too severe. A back pin position will pose the greatest difficulty, because trying to get the tee ball on the back part of the green brings the woods behind the green into play, while putting from front to back makes three putts a distinct possibility.

With an accurate tee ball, birdie is a possibility, and par should be the norm. Miss anywhere but long, and bogey comes into play. Go long, and bogey becomes a good score.

Black: 191      Blue: 179      White: 162       Gold: 150      Red: 125