Golfing Carolina Colours 13th Hole

Leaving the 12th green, the player heads “across the creek” and in so doing experiences a gorgeous winding bridge ride (or walk) nearly 1000 feet long, over Brice Creek and through the forested wetland before the 13th tee appears.  From the tee, the fairway of this lengthy par 4, lined by woods, falls and then rises to the landing area, framed by sand bunkers right and left.  From this vantage point, the hole dog-legs left.   Again, the fairway falls away from the landing area, and rises back to the green so that from any side but the front center there is a noticeable fall from the green edge.

The green is guarded by a large bunker on the left, which creeps across the front right corner as well.  A much smaller bunker awaits a shot hit right.  The green itself generally falls from back to front and from right to left, but is not overly difficult.

This hole, the first of 4 spectacular holes in the center of the forests of Carolina Colours that are separated by Brice Creek from the balance of the course, is visually deceptive because of the rolling fairway.  The tee, landing area and green are nearly the same elevations, but the dips in the fairway makes the distances deceptive.  Length is a real plus in playing this hole, one of the longest 4 pars on the course, but the hole is designed to allow the approach shot to be run up onto the green, if hit straight.  Par will be a good score for the average golfer, but anything worse than a bogey will be disappointing.

Black:  446   Blue:  415   White:   400    Gold:  368     Red:   344