Golfing Carolina Colours’ 16th Hole

As the golfer approaches the 16th tee, it is immediately apparent this little hole, the shortest on the course, sits in a unique environment.  The tee and green of this 3 par are surrounded by woods, and the tees and greens are almost islands within the wetland complex of Brice Creek.

All tees except the red require the tee ball to cross a wide tributary of the Creek, with the green sitting some 30 yards over the branch.   The green sits well above the level of the water, so any ball short of the green will likely feed back into a little ravine the architect has kindly created to keep balls from rolling back into the unplayable creek bed.  There are also collection areas both left and right of the green, so most balls missing the green will require a pitch from an area sitting sell below the green.  The green is further protected by a sand bunker just off the right center of the green, and two more bunkers to the left.

The red tee, however, is not even visible from this tee complex.  Rather, a ride through and over the woods and wetlands to the right brings the player to the red tee box, which actually approaches the green from what is the right side of the green from the primary tee complex.  This location removes the need of carrying the water for those traumatized by forced carries.  From this tee, the same bunkers mentioned above change their relevance, appearing on the left side and long.

The green itself (from the main tee complex) is about 35 paces wide, and 25 paces deep.  From the red tee, of course, the green becomes long and thin.   With a ridge running back to front near the center of the green (from the main tee complex) and with a green that generally slopes back to front, the putts are not hard to read, but putting the tee ball on the half of the green where the pin is located will greatly enhance the chance of a one putt hole.

Many players will hit wedge from this tee, which should yield plenty of birdies to those that keep the carry over water out of their swing thoughts.  However, missing the green may well change that realistic birdie to a bogey, as it will be no sure thing to get up and down from the collection areas or bunkers that surround this smallish green.

Black:  130   Blue:   114   White:  103    Gold: 83   Red:  76