Golfing Carolina Colours’ 1st Hole

Standing on the slightly elevated tee complex for the 1st hole on the Carolina Colours Golf Course,  the player gets an initial impression that begins to convey what the golf experience at Carolina Colours is meant to be.   The fairway of this par 4 is framed with trees.  The green of this slight dog-leg left can be glimpsed through the trees.   The fairway gently rolls up to the preferred landing area, which is the highest point in the fairway.     The typical drive can be easily visualized by aiming at the midpoint between a large sand bunker on the left, guarding the dogleg, and a gentle mound on the right, at the corner.   While an exceptionally long hitter can try to shorten the hole by flying the dogleg, playing shot number two from the bunker or from the low, wooded area to its left,  will make par unlikely.

A good drive, to the center of the fairway, will leave a second shot of between 150 and 175 yards into the green, which is guarded left and right by sand bunkers, although a straight shot can be bounced onto the green if the drive has come up a bit short of ideal.   The green, which is more than 35 yards deep and about 30 yards wide, generally slopes from back to front, and there will be few flat putts awaiting the player’s birdie attempt.

A par on this opening hole will be a good score, but quite achievable.

Keeping in mind the extensive tee complex allows significant variations in yardage from day to day, a mid distance setup will allow a choice of teeing grounds as follows:

Black: 426 yards      Blue: 404 yards    White:   390 yards    Gold: 379 yards    Red: 303 yards

Kenneth Kirkman, Carolina Colours Developer