Golfing Carolina Colours’ 2nd Hole

Standing on the tee of the 2nd hole of the Carolina Colours golf course, the green of this “little” hole is surrounded by trees right, left and rear.   The golf hole naturally drains towards a wetland in the woods behind the green, so the fairway slopes from tee to green, and from right to left,  with a long, low swale running left of the green, so that the tee shot comes into a green much lower in elevation than the tee.

Since most players will hit a short iron into this par 3, the challenge is precision off the tee, and proper reading of the green.  The green is some 37 paces long and, at its widest point towards the rear of the green,  about 23 paces across.  However, a front pin position will make the green quite narrow, with a deep bunker just to the left, while a rear pin position requires a much longer shot into a wide green, but one that slopes to the left, where the green will be hard to hold if the player goes pin seeking. Many a tee ball will run off the green into a rear left bunker or down into the drainage swale, well below the green, leaving a difficult pitch to the pin.

This pretty hole offers a birdie opportunity to players who don’t have great length off the tee, particularly if the grounds crew is kind with the day’s pin placement.  Even if the tee ball misses right a bit, par is realistic.  Go long or left, however, and par becomes a very good score.

Yardage from a mid distance placement of tees will be about:

Black:   163   Blue:   145    White:   134    Gold:  120   Red:  81

Kenneth M. Kirkman, Carolina Colours Developer