Golfing Carolina Colours 5th Hole

As the player crosses Waterscape Way on the way to the 5th tee, the first man made water hazard comes immediately into view. This lake extends across the fairway in front of all tees other than the Red, making for an attractive vista, but this portion of the lake does not come into play for anything other than a topped drive. However, the lake extends the length of the fairway on the right, so a sliced drive from a right handed player will likely be wet.

A medium length par 4, accuracy, not distance, is what is required. Hole 4 is the first full dog leg on the course, as the fairway continues the front nine loop back towards the clubhouse by turning left at the landing area. A large bunker guards the left corner, discouraging one from trying to cut the corner, but only the longest of hitters will likely even reach the bunker. The fairway is generous, with some 60 yards between the water and the trees on the left, with as much as 45 yards of fairway to work with. The dog leg is framed by a rolling bern on the far side, as this hole runs down the perimeter of the Carolina Colours community.

A modest drive down the middle will leave 175 yards or less to the green, and will be 30 yards short of the corner bunker. The fairway gently rises from the landing area to the green, so an extra half club may be required. As one approaches the green, the fairway gently slopes right to left, feeding towards a large bunker on the left edge that runs with the fairway its last 40 yards. The good sized green, which also gently slopes back to front and right to left, is guarded on its right rear by another sand bunker. Grass swales collect balls on the right front and left side of the green, and there is a steep drop off behind the green.

This pretty hole should only trap the player with water phobia. Two solid shots are what is required. Be smart, hit the drive straight, aim towards the right half of the green on the approach, and two putt for par. Avoid the water off the tee and the left bunker on the second shot, and a successful finish to the hole is likely.

Black: 440 Blue: 389 White: 375 Gold: 364 Red: 262

Kenneth Kirkman, Carolina Colours Developer