Golfing Carolina Colours 6th Hole

After emerging from another short  ride through the woods and over a wetland area, the slightly elevated tee of the 6th hole at the Carolina Colours Golf Club is immediately before you. The tee complex, with a pond to its left and  front , gives a straighforward view of this long 3 par. The pond is not generally in play, and the fairway, with its rolling berm on the right and a gentle slope inward on its left, creates a bowl like effect, funnelling balls landing short of the green but a bit off line toward the center of the fairway.

The green, one of the widest on the course, offers an inviting target. A sizable bunker on the right front provides the only hazard, but there are steep inclines away from the green right, left and rear.   The gentle slope from the front of the green to the low collection area about 40 yards short of the green is quite playable, however.

The green itself generally slopes back to front and right to left, but the right front feeds to the front right, towards the bunker. Shots into the heart of the green will tend to feed left, however, making a pin position on the right side the toughest to approach, with the bunker and the natural slope of most of the green working against the player.

A pretty hole, with no trickery at all.   Most players will hit a wood off the tee,   but even if a bit short,  par is quite feasible from the front.  A shot the proper distance that is left or right, however, will leave a much more difficult pitch, even if the bunker is avoided. The smart play is to take half a club less than may be ideal to get to the pin, realizing that just short of the green, or on its first third, keeps par clearly in sight.  Typical teeing lengths are:

Black:  219   Blue:  210   White:  194    Gold:  182   Red:  112