Habitat for Humanity Crazies: “Just Bring Yourself and a Hammer!” Oct 17th-18th

The local chapter of Habitat for Humanity met in the Carolina Colours Pavilion on Wednesday, July 22nd.  Over 60 New Bern residents attended in preperation for the “Two Houses in Two Days” project scheduled in New Bern NC on October 17th-18th.  Fifty experienced “Habitat Crazies,” who travel the country helping local Habitat chapters build homes in their communities, will travel to New Bern to lead this local effort.  One two bedroom home will be built for purchase by a local couple and one four bedroom home will be built for purchase by a local family with six children.  Both homes will be built near the New Bern historic district in the Riverstation neighborhood.  The homes will be built simultaneously.

Habitat Crazie Tom Gerdy  encouraged those in attendance to contribute to this effort in any way possible:  It’s “managed chaos.”  People just jump in and help where they have interests.  Don’t worry, you can join in quickly.  And, you do not have to be physically fit.  You can simply deliver water bottles or fill nail aprons and participate in “Making a Difference. ”  We don’t assign tasks.  We want you to contribute wherever you feel comfortable.  It’s not just about building.  It’s about relationships.  It’s about faith in the world.  It’s about building affordable homes that change lives, not only those who purchase the homes, but also those who selflessly give themselves to the Habitat for Humanity efforts.

Tom closed the gathering with “Affluence is not what we gather.  Affluence is what we give.”

Personally, my whole family plans to participate in this effort.  We will also be working with high school students in Arendell Parrott Academy’s SERV organization.  Annually at APA, approximately 100 students clock in 15,000+ community service hours.  If high school students can find the time to contribute to their communities, surely those of us associated with Carolina Colours can also find the time to help those in need of adequate housing in New Bern.

I urge you to contact the Habitat for Humanity Event Coordinator, Donna Patterson, at 252-633-9599, ext 107 or email habitatdonna@gmail.com to volunteer your time to this significant event.  Carolina Colours’ Patti Peebles has already stepped up to the plate to lead this parade in a big way.  Please consider supporting Patti by joining the team.

Beth Everett  beverett@carolinacolours.com