I smell a Golden Opportunity

Carolina Colours is a very pet friendly neighborhood and has some wonderful (and well behaved I might add) dogs in the neighborhood led by my 90 pound yellow lab named Bailey. The Becks have Taz, a senior but very spirited jack russell (Larry is on the sales team with me and my neighbor here in Carolina Colours), Annie is a sweet mostly husky mix owned by the Hargreaves, Dr. Laurora has a great bird dog named Lucky and a sweet King Charles spaniel named Sassy, the Zimmermans have their best friend Party and the Shaffers have their fearless pekinese mix named Molly. Baileys girlfriend is a sassy female yellow lab named Gracie and who could forget Maddy the other female yellow lab who is owned by the Gaulins (both love Bailey). The Giffords, Kennedys, Holdrens Lamberts, Treichels and  Mike Wilsons adorable rescued beagle  plus  the other Wilsons (Jason works with the sales team and is also living here in Carolina Colours) who have Logan, a delightful Westy and Hanna, a boykin spaniel who can be seen splashing around in the lake in the Veridian neighborhood. We are awaiting the senior leader of the pack, Bananas, the elder statesman golden retriever of our leader Ken Kirkman. This place has truly “gone to the dogs”.

Bruce Birnbaum, Sales Representative and Resident

PS  Gracie belongs to the Blyths.  The Jones, Stolls and Emersons also have canine friends.  If I have inadvertently omitted any of our doggy friends, please COMMENT on our blog and introduce your best friends.