Many Thanks for Property Owners’ Volunteer Efforts

As those of you in New Bern NC know, recently we at Carolina Colours experienced one of the most severe thunderstorms in memory.  More than 2 inches of rain fell in little more than half an hour, with hail, high winds and intense lightening strikes, all the day before sprigging was scheduled to begin on the golf course.

The damage to newly laid sod, freshly paved cart paths, prepared bunkers and prepped fairways was significant.  However, a number of our Carolina Colours property owners came to the rescue, assisting our paid staff in remediating the damage and minimizing the lost construction time.

SPECIAL THANKS go to John Filipow, George Orsega, Fred Nosal, Jerry Trenholm, Tom Trimmer, Mike Wilson and Skip Zimmerman.  We property owners at Carolina Colours owe these gentleman a great vote of thanks.  It was really hot in New Bern NC Monday, and all had shovels in hand.

Kenneth M. Kirkman